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    1. "Texas Liquor License has been handling all my liquor licenses and tax filings for over 10 years and 5 restaurants. I would be lost without them."

      Chef Al Amadeus

      (restauranteur and founder of Le Rendezvous, Dallas)

      Alcoholic beverage licensing and permits in the state of Texas: We can help. Navigating your way through the TABC liquor license application process and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code is a task best left to the licensing professionals at Texas Liquor License. Our service is unmatched and our fees the most reasonable in Texas.

      Let us form your corporation or LLC- for FREE. It's included in our licensing service, saving you hundreds of dollars. We want to make our services as cost efficient to you as we can.

      Not a Texas resident?
      Many out-of-state
      restauranteurs and
      corporations see the TABC
      Texas residency requirement
      as a roadblock to entering
      Texas. Not so! We help
      out of state corporations
      enter the Texas market
      and we can do the
      same for you.

      TABC alcohol seller/server training and certification online through our virtual university.

      Texas Food Manager training and certification online through our virtual university.

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